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We want to support our member's health outside the studio, and we decided to keep the subscription fee to a minimum of almost the cost of your Toothpaste or half of what Netflix will cost you monthly. We hope you like it and will share it with everyone in your circle who might need help with reducing stress, feeling calm, and wanting to live purposefully.

  • Awaken the Body: A Gentle Morning Yoga Flow

    3 videos

    Start your day right with a serene and invigorating practice to nurture your spine, shoulders, and neck, setting the foundation for a positive and productive day ahead. The best time for this series is early in the day or morning.

  • Rise Confidently: Pilates-inspired Workouts for All Ages

    3 videos

    Bid farewell to desk slouching and discomfort while cradling your little one. Discover the Core Reform 3-part video series—a remedy for aches, pains, and posture-related self-consciousness. Experience improved alignment, reduced fatigue, and a renewed sense of self-worth. The best time for this s...

  • Myofascial Self-Release for Stiff Body & Sore Muscles

    14 videos

    Did you know…? Mechanical pressure on the trigger points (usually found in the belly of the muscle) can relax your muscles 3 times faster than stretching. Using a few simple tools in this series we will learn to self-release sore muscles and fascial knots and feel flexible instantly. You will nee...

  • Transition to Intuitive Eating

    11 videos

    Are you currently on a specific diet dealing with disordered eating or an inevitable restrict-binge cycle? Let’s discover why most diets fail and how to stop obsessing over food, listen to your body and get rid of food fear and anxiety and learn to manage hunger and cravings.